Documents d’artistes PACA
A website dedicated to contemporary art

Since 1999, the association Documents d’artistes has been documenting and disseminating the activities of a selection
of visual artists in the South of France. Using the online publication of artists’ dossiers, it visually describes what
is currently going on in an art scene mainly operating
in Marseille, Arles, Toulon and Nice.


Guillaume Mansart, director;
Olivier Baudevin and Jade Czarnecki, webmasters.


Documents d’artists has premises in Marseille,
at La Friche Belle de Mai.

Missions shows the work of more than
230 contemporary artists by way of some 15,000 pages,
50,000 pictures, more than 1,200 videos, writings,
and bibliographies…

The online documentary collection currently encompasses
a selection of artists representing a variety of backgrounds
and practices in the contemporary art arena (installation, photography, painting, sculpture, drawing, video, sound
and multimedia), and residing in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region. The typical artist’s dossier offers many reproductions of works, a CV, a bibliography, and writings.

Each year, a committee made up of art professionals
(critics, exhibition curators, art centre directors, institutional representatives…) introduces new artists to be included in the online documentary collection. The online dossiers are then edited in collaboration with the artists selected, and regularly updated to follow the way their work is developing.

Through this documentation, Documents d’artistes PACA works hand-in-hand with the dissemination of artists’ work among professional publics and art lovers. The association
is a link between creation, professional circles, and different kinds of public, aiming at encouraging people involved with
art to promote a better circulation of artists’ work, at both local and international levels.

Alongside the task of online documentation, the association
is developing programmes aimed at taking part in the dissemination of the work of artists in its collection.

Meet-ups enable guest exhibition curators, French and foreign alike, to discover artists’ works. These three-day sessions take place in Marseille and Nice, the two major art hubs in the region, and are organized around studio visits which thus fill out the task of documentation. The object of this programme also includes reporting on a territorial dynamic, so these visits always offer an opportunity to meet directors of organizations, visit shows and institutions, and the like…
The website's structure is in french but most of the artists statements are translated into english. The program aimed at professionals provides an interesting extension to the online work. For this professional program the travel expenses (transportation, hotel and meals) are covered.
Link to the meet-up page

The artists’ dossiers are the object of a regular communication programme dealing with major contemporary art events:
Nuits des musées, the Lyon Biennale, Contemporary Art
Spring- Marseille, Art-o-rama.
See the exhibition Draw me your song!
in Marseille

See the presentation at Art-o-rama, Marseille

The association also initiates projects involving an artistic operator in France or abroad, in order to lend visibility other than that provided by the Internet. Exhibitions, showrooms, lectures… thus enable different kinds of public, professional and amateur alike, to discover the artists’ work.

Publications (bilingual web review, documentary film…) are regularly produced, casting an eye on contemporary art praxes.
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For the past five years, Documents d’artistes has taken part in workshops for art school students and young artists gravitating around the documentation of artistic work as part of professionalization meetings.

Last of all, Documents d’artistes is a project which has ramifications on a national and international scale through
the Documents d’artistes network which brings together organizations established in four French Regions (Brittany
in Brest / Rhône-Alpes Auvergne in Lyon / Aquitaine in Bordeaux, whose shared brief consists in presenting
today’s art landscapes through the online publication
of artists’ dossiers.
Link to bilingual French/English site

The association is keen to develop professional cooperative projects with dissemination and documentation organizations
in Europe. In partnership with an organization abroad, Documents d’artistes is setting up the conditions for an exchange and reception programme in La Friche Belle
de Mai, in Marseille, in order to:
- establish links between artistic communities
- be part of a network of professionals connected with visual arts documentation
- have exchanges about work practices.

See the exhibition One More Reality in Milan with Careof
See the presentation at the Galerie Optica, Montreal, with Artexte

Contact : Guillaume Mansart/Marceline Matheron

The artists’ dossiers presented on the website are only partly translated. In order to provide certain reading elements, we are here proposing a set of notices concerning artists who are included in the documentary collection, on a year by year basis.
These notices introduce issues to do with the artists’ work.
Link to the notices