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Frédérique LAGNY 

Voir la conférence Exposer le récit, rencontre avec Frédérique Lagny, 2019

Lire l'entretien de Jean Cristofol et Frédérique Lagny, 2018

Lire le texte À qui appartiennent les pigeons ?, texte critique de Jean Cristofol (philosophe, épistémologue, professeur à l'ESA Aix-en-Provence), 2013

Lire le texte de Paul-Emmanuel Odin, cahier d'études africaines, Renouveau monumental, EHESS, numéro 227 de septembre 2017
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Frédérique Lagny's photographic work addresses the human figure in a resolute way, questioning the fundamental elements in regard to photography of the body. Since 2006 Frédérique has been developing her projects in Burkina Faso, West Africa, where she embarked upon a project that continues to the present day. Characterized by certain aspects of anthropological critique defined as a tool (as per the meaning imbued by Mongo Beti), the work attempts to develop, in its practice as in its diffusion, a political commentary.

Frédérique expands this reflection with a video triptych Vanishing Point (19', 2009) and À qui appartiennent les pigeons ? (39', 2012) - a poetic essay in film - and focuses on criteria which govern the construction of a cultural identity already influenced by colonialism and the difficulties of post-colonial development.