A tool for professionals

Easy to consult, accessible on any computer, documentsdartistes.org provides acces to up-to-date documents translated into English and printer-friendly.
Information allowing one to directly contact a given artist and his/her gallery is clearly indicated.
It thus proves to be a convenient work-tool for art professionals.

For more information, contact us
: Guillaume Mansart

- the website’s databank
The visitor can travel through this virtual space as he/she pleases thanks to multiple criteria such as the name, the medium, key words. He/she can also conduct a search on the artist’s career (exhibitions, publications, etc.) or search texts.
The clear concise page layout allows for rapid or in-depth consultation of files.
One can link directly to a specific artist’s file pages by typing in the personalized address: documentsdartistes.org/name

- Printed files and an offline consulting station
We can supply you with an artist’s file or a UDM/unité documentaire mobile (mobile documentary unit), allowing off-line consultation of the site and the artist file…

We can reflect together on the most appropriate manner to collaborate.

Public, Paris, 2003
Dojo, Nice, 2004
Galerie Optica, Montréal, 2005
D&G au Frac Paca, 2007
Art-O-Rama, Marseille, 2007
Art-O-Rama, Marseille, 2008

- How-to notices
Notices are provided for specific audiences (architects and teachers…).
The website allows one to discover artists who have realized works in public spaces.