Our goals

How to render the density and diversity of artistic activity in the south of France visible ?

Documents d’artistes was created in 1999 with the support of the DRAC PACA in order to establish an archive of documents on contemporary artists in the region. These documents are envisioned with the same rigor and method that goes into an artist’s catalogue. At the same time we wish for them to be easily accessible, without temporal or geographical constraints, whence the choice of a website. This virtual tool has a twofold mission:
-to act as a relay between artistic creation, the professional milieu, and the public.
-to incite art operators to prospect in order to improve the circulation of artists’ works on a local level and abroad.

An experimental site, Documents d'artistes works with the artists. Each file is constructed in a dialog with the artist in order to find the most appropriate presentation mode while at the same time maintaining a coherent site.

Documents d'artistes is also a discovery tool for art lovers.