The constitution of the documentary fund

The fund currently contains over 200 artists spanning several generations and representing a variety of horizons and practices (drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, photography, video, sound, multimedia, live).
Each year new artists retained by the selection committee join this catalog of artists providing a privileged point of view on artistic creation in the south of France.
The selection committee is made up of 10 to 12 professsionals from the contemporary art world (institutionals, galerists, art critics, artists, collectors).
The committe meets once a year, to examine the proposed press-books.
Applications and dossiers are submitted to the Documents d’artistes team

Artist files

Each file is elaborated with the artist in order to retranscribe his work in the most accurate manner.
Reproductions of works are often accompanied by exhibition views, descriptive notes, animated sequences, video and sound excerpts. There is also an exhaustive biobibliography and introductory texts to the work. Information allowing one to contact the artist or his/her gallery are provided along with links to other related sites. Documents are regularly updated and translated into english.

All works, texts, and photographs appearing on this site are diffused with their authors’ consent, the for documentary and cultural, solely non-commercial, purposes of Documents d'artistes. The database is the property of Documents d’artistes and is registered with the National commission for information technology and civil liberties.

These files also exist in printed bound versions, available for consultation at the headquarters of