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At the end of September 2012, Maciej Stepinski drove his Range Rover from Warsaw to Poznan, to get to the opening of his exhibition "Rendez-vous à Poznan at the Arsenal Gallery. The artist, conquering the distance between the two cities was driving across country, keeping a straight, ideal line connecting his house with the gallery in Poznan. The exhibition "Drive. Rendez-vous à Poznan - prequel " inside the Bank Pekao Project Room, is a direct continuation of this project and at the same time, a collection of visual references for this action.
The project "Rendez-vous à Poznan", combines in itself the conceptual assumptions and performative form with the romance of the road, the mythology of motorization, and the almost boyish dream of deviating from the common path and doing the impossible. The journey from Warsaw to Poznan, performed by St?pi?ski, is an abstract drawing in space. The expedition to the exhibition at the Arsenal Gallery transformed into a performance, the creative process became a perverse exercise in the economy of art; the conceptual character of the entire project was infected with an adventure virus, and the car became the material and at the same time the tool for creating art.
Stepinski opens the exhibition "Drive" at the CCA the day after closing the exhibition at Arsenal Gallery. The Warsaw project is a direct continuation of the Pozna? presentation. "Drive" is not so much a part of the second exhibition at the Arsenal, as it is its prequel. At the CCA, the artist presents that which was earlier, before the four-day journey to Poznan – he presents a selection of his projects from over the last ten years, where he dealt with culture, mythology, and the aesthetics of motorization. The prequel takes the form of all, in which Stepinski mounts his latest performance in the context of passion, which borders on obsession.

Curator: Stach Szablowski

Vues de l'exposition Drive (Rendez-vous à Pozna? – prequel)
Project room, Centre for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, 2012