Antoine D'AGATA 

Mala Noche
Editions En Vues, Nantes, 1998
Textes Bruno Le Dantec et Jose Augustín
De Mala Muerte
Editions Point du Jour, Paris, 1998
Textes Ignacio Taíbo II
All photography is a fiction. In the search for hypothetical truths, can the photographer do anything other than affirm his personal position? Avoid the mandated humanism, the exhibitionism, the social exoticism, the myth of the objective photographer/witness that transformed photojournalism into a dead language? Restore the image with the magic and the politics, the violence and even the insignificance of the photographic moment? In the midst of this triumphant spectacle, the photographic perspective is still there to be reinvented.
Mala noche 1998
105x204 cm
Collection du Fnac, Paris